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PA House Targets Endangered Species

  Piping Plover chick | Photo by Richard Kuzminski USFWS
  Some PA legislators want to to remove special protection for the Piping Plover and many other bird species that are disappearing in Pennsylvania.
Photo by Richard Kuzminski / USFWS

Pennsylvania’s endangered and threatened species program is in trouble!  House Bill 1576 would force unnecessary bureaucratic red tape into Pennsylvania’s endangered and threatened species program, taking the program out of the hands of biologists and giving it to politicians. 

The bill would make protection of habitat far more difficult, and allow lawmakers--not scientists and resource experts--to invalidate protection for rare plants and animals. It would tie the hands of agencies in charge of species protection, and allow developers to further fragment and destroy our most precious songbird nurseries.

Send an email to your House legislator and ask that he or she oppose HB 1576!

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