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Global warming is the most urgent environmental threat we face, and individual actions can help to promote solutions to this problem.

Trio of Global Warming Solutions

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I recognize that I must take responsibility to raise awareness about this global problem, and take definitive action to help provide a clean, safe environment for generations to come. I pledge to take at least three of the following actions:

Federal advocacy:
* Write to my Senators in support of strong global warming legislation
* Work to encourage my Representative to formulate and pass strong global warming legislation
* Set up an in-district meeting with the district staff of my Senators and Representative to advocate for strong global warming legislation

* Encourage my State legislators to work toward a stronger Renewable Electricity Standard
* Write a letter to the Governor encouraging stricter standards for greenbuilding and building efficiency in the state
* Contact my energy utilities and urge them to provide clean, renewable energy alternatives like wind, solar, and biomass

* Write a letter-to-the-editor of my local newspaper in support of global warming initiatives at the federal, state or local level
* Encourage my Mayor to sign on to the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement if they have not already
* Attend a city council, county commission, planning, fish and wildlife commission meeting and report and report back to my local Audubon chapter about what was discussed

* Switch my light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs or LEDs
* Reduce my car travel, or use public transportation when possible
* Use less energy to heat/cool my house
* Conserve water in my home and use less hot water
* Set a goal of reducing my household waste by half in the next year by recycling and buying less packaged goods

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