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Stand Up for Rare Birds and Sea Turtles

Thank you for your interest in this alert. It is no longer active, but we hope you will consider taking action on other issues.

  • Protect Birds from Climate Change by Reducing Harmful Methane Po
    Methane is 25 times more dangerous than carbon dioxide for our climate. It is critical that we reduce methane pollution to reduce the threat of global warming and give birds a chance to survive in a warming world. Email the EPA today.
  • Stop Oil Development in Coastal Habitat
    One oil spill or accident in Grays Harbor could wipe out a significant portion of the Red Knot population in the Pacific Flyway. Speak out against the development of oil terminals in this vital coastal habitat.
  • Prevent Needless Migratory Bird Deaths
    Millions of birds die unnecessary deaths each year because of deadly hazards such as uncovered oil pits. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that you support strengthening the Migratory Bird Treaty Act to prevent these unnecessary bird deaths.
  • Support Bird-friendly Building Legislation
    Building collisions kill millions of birds each year. A new bill would help reduce deadly collisions, by incorporating bird-safe building materials and design features into federal buildings.
  • Coordinated Assault on Endangered Species Act
    America's strongest and most important law for protecting wildlife, the Endangered Species Act, is under a coordinated assault. Tell your members of Congress to oppose efforts to dismantle the ESA.
  • Drought Jeopardizes Western Birds
    An unprecedented 15-year drought is drying out the Colorado River Basin, threatening the birds that live there. Email your U.S. Senators today and ask them to help our Western birds survive the drought.
  • Protect America's Eagles
    Unless we act quickly, Bald and Golden Eagles face 30 years of death and injury at the hands of wind power companies. Tell Interior Secretary Jewell the issuing of a 30-year incidental take permit for wind farms is unconscionable--and must be reversed


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