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Save Plum Island!

We're sorry, but this alert is no longer active.

Please consider taking action on other issues.

  • Drought Jeopardizes Western Birds
    An unprecedented 15-year drought is drying out the Colorado River Basin, threatening the birds that live there. Email your U.S. Senators today and ask them to help our Western birds survive the drought.
  • BP: Your Delaying Tactics are Harming the Gulf
    BP continues its campaign of deception and denial, even as evidence of the catastrophic effects of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster continues to roll in. The damage was done. The trial has gone on long enough. Tell BP it's time to pay up!
  • Change Glass, Save Birds
    The Minnesota Vikings' new stadium could become a death trap for birds unless the stadium's builders take immediate action to incorporate bird safe measures. Stand with Audubon and urge the Vikings to use safer glass.
  • Protect America's Eagles
    Unless we act quickly, Bald and Golden Eagles face 30 years of death and injury at the hands of wind power companies. Tell Interior Secretary Jewell the issuing of a 30-year incidental take permit for wind farms is unconscionable--and must be reversed
  • Birds and Climate Change: Ecological Disruption in Progress
    Tell your lawmakers where you stand on global warming by signing our petition.


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